there’s no great loss without some gain

there’s no great loss without some gain

a 1641 D. FERGUSSON Scottish Proverbs (STS) no. 1408 Thair was never a grit loss without som small vantag.

1868 W. CLIFT Tim Bunker Papers 134 However, ‘there is no great loss but what there is some small gain,’ and Jake Frink claims that he has got his money’s worth in experience.

1937 L. I. WILDER On Banks of Plum Creek xxv. The hens..were eating grasshoppers... ‘Well, we won’t have to buy feed for the hens... There’s no great loss without some gain.’

1957 M. P. HOOD In Dark Night viii. I didn’t think there’d be enough business on the wharf for him to need me this afternoon... No loss without some small gain.

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